Mama’s Day Off


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I knew I wanted to be a mom ever since my big sister had her baby. My girl friends (who are now plastic surgeons and lawyers) used to joke that I was going to school just to be a housewife. I never imagined I would be learning to take over the family business, I have an immense sense of pride in my stores, Austin Rocks and Wild About Music, I can’t (and don’t want to) imagine my life any other way. I got to be a stay at home mom for three weeks after Doiron was born, it was both glorious and dreadful at the same time. I won’t lie, I pout from time to time about the moments I am missing with my ridiculously adorable and fast growing baby, and I read the blogs of many stay at home moms with a taste of envy in my mouth. But I revel in my time at work and am fascinated with the ins and outs of running a business (or two). Having my time away from Doiron only makes me strive to make our time together as meaningful as possible. And so I bring you “Mama’s Day Off,” here I shall document our adventures from minuscule to grand, Doiron and I are flattered you are joining us!

Today we started with a Christmas-esque breakfast (just a hint: muffins and almost-one-year-olds are a messy affair, I couldn’t bare to document the aftermath, sorry).

20121128-203158.jpgAlso check out my girlfriends amazing site for all you foodies, Fridgg

Then Doiron helped me assess an art project in progress for work…

Enough work mom, you promised adventure! To Georgetown we went, I’m in LOVE with this city, I dream of living in one of its beautiful historic houses, even though it would mean doubling my commute to work. It’s not rare for Doiron and I to drive around and drool at the homes while listening to Harry Potter on CD; ok I drool, Doiron sleeps.
Today, we happened upon San Gabriel Park…I cried it was so beautiful. I imagined my family riding their bikes to the park for a picnic and to feed the geese, birthday parties under the arbor and dunks in the lake on sweltering summer days. Doiron, pictured riding one of the geese….


And finally, no trip to Georgetown is complete without a visit to the Little Loft of Georgetown, they have a lovely selection of second hand clothes for the wee ones at amazing prices.

I am a HUGE advocate of shopping local and thrifting! Thanks to the Little Loft I can dress Doiron in style, why do all little boy clothes have to have a puppy dog or sail boat on it?

Stay tuned for more adventures, up next…. Downtown Austin’s Holiday Sing Along and Stroll and Georgetown’s Holiday Home Tour

Can ya tell I like Christmas yet!?


It’s here it’s here!


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I won’t lie, I woke up this morning with a smile on my face, I danced into Doiron’s room and gobbled at him. I wait ALL year for the Holiday season, people look at me like I’m crazy, they tell me I’ll come to dread it being in retail; but they don’t know me. I will always be a cheerful elf singing christmas carols and baking cookies. I am determined to raise Doiron in this spirit, we danced out to the living room, lit a fire in the fireplace and tuned into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Today I am thankful for my family, and for my Mom and Dad who gave me an amazing childhood and always made the holidays special. Thanksgiving has always been about the HUGE gathering that is my dads side of the family, 6 sets of aunts and uncles and their kids forming the 13 member Meyer clan of cousins. We put on plays and went exploring, got into trouble and made everyone laugh. It’s been a while since the mass gathering has occurred, but today all of Doiron’s cousins will be at the house for a feast and I can’t wait.

In other news Austin just hosted its very first F1 race accompanied by Fan Fest. Unfortunately all of Austin was too scared to come out and play, but it really was an amazing event and I look forward to the next ten years!

And in Doiron world….he’s such a big boy now! He’s walking more and more, I believe 21 steps is his record, he wants to climb on everything, can get on the couch by himself along with many other more dangerous feats. And in only 20 days he will be ONE YEAR OLD!

Enjoy these pictures from our last few weeks of fun! Gobble gobble!!!


thanks to the intergalactically awesome maya, we got a second chance at halloween! no trick or treating, but we got to get dressed up and have some fun for sure. her spacey birthday party was a grand excuse to visit goodwill and get crafty! for baby, daddy found a green shag throw pillow that we de-stuffed and cut holes in for a caped little martian baby. and i found a gold seashell placemat that made the perfect headdress, a gold size 5x frock made for a flowy gown and last minute starry earrings found in the checkout line completed my spacey queen of the nile ensemble? we couldn’t find much for bry so we were going to settle on some face paint and an old halloween costume, but a glance in his closet produced his perfectly themed robot jammies and we were set! doiron did smashingly and was amused with all of the glowing space stuff and “people,” it was without a doubt an amazing birthday party!!! why should kids have all the fun, everyone should have a themed party!










it’s amazing what a night of sleep and a chat with your mommy will do for your spirits. all optimism has returned this morning and i’m so excited for the possibilities of our future. doiron and i woke up early enough to go for one of our walks and play in the park. my greatest joy right now is watching him play and discover new things, he’s very into figuring out what he can stuff inside other things. i’m constantly finding little presents, like the baby moccasin and tube of chapstick in my boot this morning. i only hope that doiron always feels a sense of comfort in my presence and that i am able to ease his worries, as my mom has always done for me. i can’t believe i get to call myself a mom….







oh world…you just keep spinning

there are so many amazing things and people in our lives, and some days you have to repeat them to yourself over and over again. it will be fine, I know it will, but damn can it be fine yet, not just for me but everyone? I cant help but feel optimistic about the future, but right now I need some spectacular, i mean NOW. anybody got some to share? Seriously, tell me something amazing! 

my amazing is my little man and the pouty face he makes when I sternly say “no biting” and then a minute later he’s cuddling and laughing….we went through this cycle three times tonight I think he got it, tomorrow will tell. tomorrow.



i should be showing you some ridiculously cute pictures of a baby with a mustache…but after months of scheming, halloween completely fell through the cracks. i feel like i robbed Doiron of his first halloween, but in the grand scheme of life, does it really matter? we had an amazing time in california visiting friends and family, and next year will be wayyyyyy more fun with an ALMOST TWO YEAR OLD! so instead of feeling guilty, i must focus all extra energy on a certain first birthday just weeks away! i can’t believe it, what they say is true, the time really does fly by. So Here are some pics of my not-so-baby from our not-so-halloween…Happy day light savings, enjoy that extra hour of rest!

He slept almost the entire plane ride!

Helping mama unpack

Closest we came to a costume

We ventured a movie tonight, he fell asleep during the credits

And here’s a little throwback to my itty bitty 2 month old! I love this little man so much!

Ps if you like my blog, even if its just a little, will you follow me? Maybe let me know what I can improve on? What you’d like to see? Thanks y’all! Peace out! Merry Christmas!

California Dreaming

We are having an amazing time in California. Amber and Andrews wedding was absolutely perfect and we danced all night long, Doiron only stayed long enough to take some pics and dance a song or two. We couldn’t have done it without Grandma and Grandpa Hahn who came down to babysit and give Doiron his first “camping” experience. On Sunday Gma and Gpa had a huge BBQ to introduce D to all their friends and hang with some family. There was more music and more dancing, if this boy isn’t a lover of music I don’t know what he’ll be. Doiron has been teasing us with a step here and there, but last night he took 4 steps twice in a row, and today we got 6! He’s getting more and more confident, I’m sure he’ll be running around by the end of the week! I don’t have many pictures today as I’ve been playing around with my film camera, I’ll have lots to share soon! Until then we are sad and oh so happy to be going home to daddy tomorrow for our first Halloween….thanks for tuning in, we’ll see y’all soon!


What a weekend!

Hold on…it’s only Friday. Grandma and grandpa just picked up Doiron and I’m getting a real pedi/mani with my best girls from college! Here are a few pics of our trip so far. Oh and after I finished my first roll of film, I rolled it up and opened the camera to find that it had ripped and is ruined so sad.